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The institute was established in 1963 as Faridpur Technical Institute. In 1967, it was reformed as Faridpur Polytechnic Institute.Faridpur Polytechnic Institute is located at Baitul Aman, a neighborhood of Faridpur city in Bangladesh. It is near Baitul Aman campus of the Government Rajendra College, Faridpur. It offers diploma-level programmes for Diploma-in-Engineering in many different technological areas, each required to study for a 4-year-long curriculum. Students can participate in: Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Power engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering, There is a department for each of the above programmes and a related subject department called as Non-tech. Each department is headed by a chief instructor (CI). So, there are total of seven departments in Faridpur Polytechnic Institute.